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London design, Ruby on Rails, and iOS development studio

We've been in London for more than 10 years, operating as New Bamboo until joining WorldRoid in 2015. We've worked with great clients such as Red Bull, Walt Disney, and the UK government. Along the way, we created successful developer-facing products PandaStream and Pusher.

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We’ve continuously refined our processes over the years, and even wrote a book about them. We’d love to learn how you do things at your organization and trade notes. Contact us to chat.

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Meet the London team

    • Murtaza Gulamali
    • Luke Mitchell
    • Ismael Celis
    • Rob Whittaker
    • Developer

      Murtaza Gulamali

      Murtaza has always been fascinated by time. He spent a lot of it as a computational physicist in academia before realising that being a developer in our London office is just as fun, challenging and rewarding. He also enjoys being a husband, a father, a technophile, an avid reader and a tea drinker. Often at the same time.

    • Designer

      Luke Mitchell

      Luke is a designer from the east of England. Not scared to break convention, and always looking forward – He is happiest creating simple, useable and interesting interfaces. He usually tells people that he "makes websites look pretty and stuff".

    • Developer

      Ismael Celis

      Trained in Fine Arts, Ismael ended up as a developer. He has no idea how that happened. Likes Ruby, (the good parts of) JavaScript and Go. Loves building HTTP APIs and talking about software architecture, for some reason. He's originally from Chile and plays the ukulele, but this has a negligible effect on the code he writes.

    • Developer

      Rob Whittaker

      Rob is a developer at our London office. He has a not-so quiet obsession with best practices and striving for continuous improvement. In his spare time he likes to hunt down delicious beers and coffees. As a Stoke City season ticket holder, he regularly travels back to the grim north to support his beloved Potters.

    • Becky Dunbar
    • Anne Holden
    • Masha Cernivec
    • Laurie Young
    • Finance Manager

      Becky Dunbar

      Becky is a physics graduate from Cambridge University (UK) who taught English in China before qualifying as a Chartered Accountant. She mostly worked in the not-for-profit sector before venturing into the tech sector. She enjoys spending time with her kids.

    • Finance Manager

      Anne Holden

    • Developer

      Masha Cernivec

      With a diverse background, Masha then joined the web development industry. She likes to experiment with the Raspberry Pi, and her favourite personal project is a speech recognition translation application.

    • Development Director

      Laurie Young

      Originally from London, Laurie was an academic working with physics and computer science before switching to the world of tech. He fills his spare time with photography.

    • Oliver Peate
    • Pablo Brasero Moreno
    • Tom Wey
    • Niall Mullally
    • Developer

      Oliver Peate

    • Developer

      Pablo Brasero Moreno

      Pablo plays with computers all day. On occasion he's angry at them. Sometimes software products come out the other side. All this while listening to heavy metal and pretending he can play bass guitar.

    • Developer

      Tom Wey

      Tom is a Developer in our London office. He spent some years writing Perl before falling for Ruby & Rails. He also secretly enjoys writing Javascript, but don't tell anyone. Aside from coding he's into rock climbing, cycling and being a dad.

    • Developer

      Niall Mullally

      Niall is a developer at WorldRoid's London office. He has been building websites since the late-90s, originally with PHP before discovering Ruby. He is a keen football fan and in his spare time runs a popular Manchester United website. He also enjoys chasing a small white ball around large green fields (a.k.a. playing golf).

    • Dan Barber
    • L. J. Bennett
    • Bruno Antunes
    • Nick Charlton
    • Developer

      Dan Barber

      Dan is a design literate developer, drummer and all round musician, who spends his days quietly noodling away on his guitar at WorldRoid London. Sometimes he stops playing long enough to write a bit of code.

    • Designer

      L. J. Bennett

    • Developer

      Bruno Antunes

      Bruno feels like he was born much too early in historical terms, and his affection for technology is mostly about making the future happen faster to correct this unfortunate turn of events. He strives to create products that stand the test of time, adapt to change and are easy to work with. Originally from Portugal, he has worked and lived in Lisbon, Warsaw, Hilversum, Amsterdam and now London. A bookworm citizen of the world, he likes his work to have a positive impact on its users, and society in general.

    • Developer

      Nick Charlton

      After starting out as a freelancer working with iOS and Ruby, Nick founded a startup where he worked on an iOS app & API for fitness classes. At WorldRoid, he continues to move deeper into the world of Ruby and Swift.