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We've been in New York since 2013, working with great clients like Groupon, Merck, the Metropolitan Museum of Art, and more.

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We’ve continuously refined our process over the years, and even wrote a book about them. We’d love to learn how you do things at your organization and trade notes. Contact us to chat.

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Meet the New York City team

    • Eric Collins
    • Tyson Gach
    • Will McMahan
    • Mike Wenger
    • Developer

      Eric Collins

      Eric has always enjoyed learning and sharing new ideas. He was particularly drawn to code as a tool for change when he took a class in college where he developed educational software for elementary students. After spending time working abroad in Taiwan, he moved to New York, where he fell in love with Ruby and has been sharing that love with others through mentoring and teaching. While not typing away on Emacs, Eric can be found traveling the world or enjoying the outdoors with his corgi.

    • Designer

      Tyson Gach

      Tyson hails from the midwest and has been dabbling with the web since the days of GeoCities. After studying recording arts and music business at Full Sail University, he moved to New York to work in architectural acoustics. He soon found himself designing websites in the evenings which led to full-time freelancing before joining thoughtbot. Tyson enjoys bicycling, imbibing in cocktails, sipping a cup of pour-over coffee and indulging in pie.

    • Designer

      Will McMahan

      After beginning his career in package design for some of the world’s leading brands, Will began working as a interface designer and front-end architect. He loves making the web a beautiful and meaningful place. When he's not piloting giant robots to defend the city, Will can be found crafting detail-driven user experiences with the help of a good cup of tea.

    • Developer

      Mike Wenger

      Mike loved building things as a child. His passion continues as a grown-up even though his Legos and Lincoln Logs have been replaced by Rails and PostrgeSQL. When he puts his building tools down, Mike enjoys competing in triathlons and escaping the concrete jungle of New York City for the great outdoors.

    • Kim Goulbourne
    • Jaclyn Perrone
    • Avielle Wolfe
    • Stephanie Kuroda
    • Designer

      Kim Goulbourne

      Kim is a chronic creator, designer and self-taught developer originally from Kingston, Jamaica. She's a cider connoisseur who's addicted to music, blazers and lists. Her nights and weekends are spent mostly on a wide variety side projects such as her recent Founder Mantras and Hashtags Unplugged. When she's not working, she's out experiencing what NY has to offer and searching for the next best hard cider.

    • Designer

      Jaclyn Perrone

      Jaclyn is a curious person who loves to ask questions. Born in New Jersey but officially a New Yorker, she is an artist turned front-end developer turned product designer. Making things and sharing them with others is what inspires her most. Some things she makes other than apps include paintings, drawings, floral arrangements, cookies, jokes, music, and egg sandwiches.

    • Developer

      Avielle Wolfe

      Ms. Wolfe lives in New York where she performs research for Whileaway. Once her work is complete, she plans to move there. You are welcome to follow her on Twitter, which she never uses.

    • Office Manager

      Stephanie Kuroda

      Stephanie has a passion for helping people do what they're meant to do. Originally from Hawaii, her creative problem-solving and organization served her well as an editor, educator, actor, and pizza chef. She loves New York's artistic offerings and can often be found in a theatre or one of its many comedy clubs.

    • George Brocklehurst
    • Adam Sharp
    • Sean Doyle
    • Ward Penney
    • Development Director

      George Brocklehurst

      George leads our New York City web development team. He's been building websites professionally since 2005. Before joining thoughtbot he wrote Ruby and Python for startups in London and Stockholm, and built Mac apps like Choosy. George holds a B.Sc. in Computer Science from the University of Manchester in the UK. He enjoys tea, good beer, cycling, and playing Go.

    • Developer

      Adam Sharp

      Adam is an Aussie who moved from a small town to the big city so that he could slow down in life. He spends his days writing Swift, and his evenings exploring New York City. He loves discovering new ways to think about code and abusing programming metaphors to gain insight into life.

    • Developer

      Sean Doyle

      Sean loves developing for the web. He enjoys tight feedback loops, warm weather, road trips, nollie flips, and Wawa.

    • Designer

      Ward Penney

      Ward loves to make complex things simple. Employing a strong user-centered design methodology, Ward hunts down user delight and pounces on it like small MinPin. He is also passionate about frontend web development, and React Native mobile development. You may find him online at Github.

    • Rick Reilly
    • Mike Burns
    • Jason Ramirez
    • Brenda Storer
    • Developer

      Rick Reilly

      A user-centered software engineer who has been programming for nearly two decades, Rick is an empathetic, creative and passionate advocate for his clients' needs. His background includes fine art and illustration; print and web design; cognitive psychology and artificial intelligence; usability and user experience; agile product development; founding a startup; and teaching. He is currently actively involved in the research and development of virtual reality and augmented reality applications. He lives in New York City with his wife and children.

    • Developer

      Mike Burns

      Mike Burns leads our Stockholm Web development team. He has been a Web developer since before the first bubble burst. He founded the Classical Code Reading Group of Stockholm, brought the joy of vim and Haskell to the company, is passionate about Free Software, and uses Haskell and C for personal projects. Email him at mburns@thoughtbot.com.

    • Design Director

      Jason Ramirez

      Jason Ramirez leads our New York City design team. He was born in the 80’s and he has the bodacious vocabulary to prove it. Growing up as the son of two Artists/Professors of Art, Jason was lucky enough to be surrounded by fine-art, design and MacPaint. Since moving to NYC in 07’, Jason has been freelance designing full time. When not making things pretty, Jason can be found eating hamburgers, perusing art exhibitions, and telling you his opinion.

    • Designer

      Brenda Storer

      Brenda is a Silicon Valley native who moved to NYC to escape the tech world, only to discover that tech is actually pretty awesome. Outside of thoughtbot, she teaches HTML/CSS with Girl Develop It and specializes in belting out 80's hair metal at karaoke.

    • Damian Galarza
    • Ian Zabel
    • Developer

      Damian Galarza

      Damian has been passionate about programming since he was in high school. He started off his professional career as a front-end developer and quickly shifted to full-stack development. He is passionate about all things Ruby / Rails, clean object oriented design and test driven development. He loves working with startups to help bring products to life from the ground up.

    • Developer

      Ian Zabel

      Ian enjoys asking dumb questions for good reasons. He's interested in building useful applications that people love, collaborating with others of varying strengths, pair-programming, and crafting software sustainably. Ian's in the New York office, but grew up in New Jersey where he cut his programming teeth in TI BASIC. In early 2010, he discovered good coffee at Blue Bottle in San Francisco, and it's all been downhill from there.